Homemade Clamps


“What to do while we wait out the cold…..? I know, we can make all 24 clamps we need to laminate!


Shopping list:

  • All-thread rod
  • 2×4’s
  • Wing-nuts and washers



The all-thread rod we found at two different hardware stores and cleared out their stock. We wanted 1/4 all-thread and took all they had and also rid them of their 5/16 and 10/24 stock as well. We are scrapers. We took all the wing-nuts they had and resorted to just regular old nuts for the rest. Collected whatever washers would work. Loaded up with 11 2×4’s, 7 for the job 4 more for good luck. And then back up the hill.

First, tried to cut the all-thread with a dull oscillating saw then remembered we have a badass angle grinder which cut in a second where as the oscillating saw did nothing, at all. But with the angle grinder were left with one messed up end which we could not thread a nut onto…. Grabbed the drill and locked in the all thread and held the nut as the rod spun to the appropriate end. While I did this Garrett drilled the holes needed in the wood pieces, securing the rods, and making sure this will all work for the task we need it to.


We ask ourselves if this was all worth it. To go through all this time to make the clamps versus just buying fabricated clamps we needed….. Yes. Cost of a single clamp large enough for the job=$45. We built 24 heavy duty clamps for about that same cost. It just took a hell of a lot more time….. but the experience ….. priceless”



3 thoughts on “Homemade Clamps

  1. So awesome to see this. We will definitely follow your progress! Just make sure to go cruising sometime in the not to distant future. 😉 We’re sailing back across from New Zealand and hope to be in Washington by Fall, so maybe we’ll have a chance to visit. Best of luck from Bob and Ann on Charisma


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