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We are still working on the keel getting all the individual pieces glued up. We are making pretty good progress, and already have7 out of 9 done. I expect to have the rest glued up in a couple days if weather cooperates. Then we will begin shaping all the timbers to their finished dimensions. Lots of work with chainsaw, skill saw, and planers to hack them into more or less the right shape.

DSCN4622 DSCN4626

We took a trip out to our friends sawmill today to pick up the beams for the cradle that we will build to support the boat.

DSCN4658 DSCN4653

Once we’re done gluing the keel beams up we will remove the lofting floor and use these beams to build a very stout cradle that will be able to support the boats weight as it grows.

We were also able to check out some of the western red cedar they are cutting for our planking.

DSCN4635 DSCN4639

And here’s a couple shot’s of that sexy black locust we are using for our frames.

DSCN4654 DSCN4642

Swab and Daisy always have fun together even though she just bites his face the whole time… He loves the abuse.



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