Constructing the Patterns for the Rest of the Keel Pieces

Ruth here:

“We almost weren’t able to complete all the patterns in one day but we pushed on. Racing the sun and coming up with some alternative material we have the remaining 9 pieces in pattern. We used mostly 1/8” mahogany ply which is so beautiful and smells amazing when cut into. It was kind of a fun project. Like putting together a puzzle but you are also creating your pieces. These will be held up to our laminated sections and used to trace out the correct shape for the finished product.

DSCN4589 DSCN4591

I attempted to take a panoramic picture of the keelson pattern but had no luck. Here’s the best out of the like 20 takes. It’s kind of neat still.


I worked on the stern segments while Garrett worked on the bow parts.

DSCN4600 DSCN4607DSCN4608

This was really helpful for to me to further comprehend how the keel was going to come together. I can now better envision how these patterns will become 3 dimensional and become the mighty back-bone of our ship. Garrett’s had this boat in his head for a long time and is able to see it laid out and how the construction will  make it all come together. I’m learning a little bit more as we go rather than having fully understood what we were doing from when we started. I have more and more ah-ha moments of “Oh! this is how that goes,” it’s really exciting seeing everything unfold.

DSCN4602 DSCN4606

We’ve set aside all 10 patterns awaiting wood.”



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