keel flip!

Alright, we have made the bolts, drilled the holes, got all our scrap iron, and materials to build the mold… It’s time to flip this damn thing over already! DJ and I devised a plan that is certain to most likely work. Most of the weight is in the back section of the keel where all the timbers are stacked up. That is also the tallest part where we can get the most leverage. We decided to build a big tripod from a few little pines, then use a come along from the side to start the flip, and a come along above to control the flip. Also we made a little A frame at the front of the keel to make sure it doesn’t start to spin

.DSCN4949  DSCN4951 Getting things into position. All four of us lifted the A frame into place. Then tied it up temporarily. next we all lifted the third log to complete the tripod.

DSCN4953 Who trusted DJ with the knots…

DSCN4957 Scientific method for determining structural integrity.

Hmmm i think we need more science…

DSCN4967 Thats better. Seems sturdy…

DSCN4955 Wait I don’t think this is very safe!

DSCN4968 it seems a little bit smaller on this end… I blame DJ.

DSCN4970 Setup complete time to drink a beer, and flip the keel in the morning!


One thought on “keel flip!

  1. Awesome you guys! Great that DJ and Rebecca came up to help!? I love the way you documented/captioned it, too. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, my dad used to always say. I’m glad you got that gene from me, Ruth! Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it and have a little support and encouragement. R&G make a very good team, and have some very good friends and contacts, too! I want to see you felling that tree! Mom


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