more woodland shenanigans

Here are some more pictures of the mast acquiring expedition!

WP_20150710_004 From tree, to snatch block, to truck.

WP_20150710_005 Ruth behind the wheel!

WP_20150710_010 Me….. Supervising……

0710151306 Once we got it to the trail we just tied it right up to the truck and dragged it along. I felt as though a little tree surfing was necessary!

0710151409b Always keep it classy… Who needs a trailer when you have some sticks to throw under to keep from scraping everything up.

DSCN4932 yup…

DSCN4933 - Version 2 And cheesy group photo time!

DSCN4941  Perfectly straightish!

DSCN4944  A job well done now to celebrate!

All in all the whole thing went really well. It was two days of Hard work, but a fun experience to share with our friends. From complex problem solving, to inappropriate jokes about each others ”wood” we got it done, and had a great time doing it! Now onward to the keel flip!


One thought on “more woodland shenanigans

  1. Hauling the “mast” as you did was really ingenious. How far did you have to go? How many times did you have to switch out boards? Hopefully you all took turns, how tedious, good thing you’re young! I enjoy your style of writing, Garrett. I smiled at the wood surfing 😀


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