Salt&Tar Episode 3!

Well here it is episode 3! Feel the majestic poetry as it tickles all of your fancy’s.

2 thoughts on “Salt&Tar Episode 3!

  1. Is that Garrett singing? Another awesome video! Ruth, you get just the right angles.. Thanks for prefacing that she looks “boxy.” I suppose that goes away once you get the horizontal boards on her. She’s definitely looking like a boat! I am sooooo proud of you guys– not just for what you’re doing, but how you’re sharing the experience with everyone in the World! Seriously. I bet our exchange students are watching this somewhere! I showed Episode 2 to one of my classes at school. I wanted to show them “the cement truck.” It’s very educational and well done. I love how you show the plans/blueprints and how carefully Garrett makes measurements. I also find it fascinating that your repurposed wood had a prior life and you know what that life is– bleachers. Wow. It’s like you’ll have ghost children on the boat. Editing is perfect, fades are just right. Kudos. Mom


  2. More great work. Looking forward to every episode. Thanks again for sharing.

    P.S.I agree with everything Mom said, so no need to repeat. Well done.


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