The Hunt for Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Ended


Countless days were logged away as Garrett searched for CVG Fir. Found through Craigslist was a plentiful supply milled from 6ft diameter trees. This stuff is truly beautiful and exactly what we were looking for to complete our planking. A few loose ends with the frames are quickly wrapping up. Happy to soon be planking. I can’t wait to see her in her skin!

DSCN5464 DSCN5474               DSCN5469

Checking the bevels on the frames and then drilling for the bolts to hold it all together.

DSCN5446 DSCN5461 DSCN5485 DSCN5484

I attempted to fit the whole boat into one picture…. Not the best but still kind of neat. And Garrett caught a great picture from the stern looking forward!




The hunt is never over for lumber and other materials so wish us luck!

Thank you everyone for the support!


4 thoughts on “The Hunt for Clear Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Ended

  1. Wow, planking! I expected plywood. This is going to be one ***great*** boat. I hope it doesn’t get too cold out there.


    1. Thanks Mark! I certainly hope so! We have been pretty well set on planking the boat, and staying clear of plywood. Not that plywood is bad it’s just not really my style… At the same time we realize the importance of reasonable compromises. The important thing is to finish building the boat! I really want to plank the boat traditionally, but that depends entirely on being able to find the quality/quantity of lumber needed. We’re open to other options such as strip planking or cold molding which might be more logical with the dimensions of lumber we have found so far. We just kinda figure it out as we go!


  2. Well, I would hate to see you have to compromise, but I understand. I wonder if you have talked to George. He might know somebody or have some ideas.


  3. I’ve really enjoyed the blog and video’s. Thank you for taking time to put everything together and post. I gave a woman at church your info; she and her husband live on Milton Rd. and have a business in town making awnings. She told me about that sells custom sails, sewing machines, etc. You probably know about them. Pretty cool. I’d really like to get you some free space on someone’s dock in Napa. You’ll probably need it late summer? I’m really excited about your project; you guys have done such a great job, taking such dedication, hard work. Love you!


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