4 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to lately

  1. Enjoying following your progress. Nice work on the videos. Please tell us a little about your construction shed – how you covered it? Did you have to dig a foundation for a strongback? How tall is the opening? Rick


    1. Hi Rick, the shed is very basic. No foundation all 2×4’s. I just sat with my sketch pad for a few hours, and after a couple beers came up with a design I thought would be strongish enough… I sunk some 4×4’s around the perimeter and screwed 2×6’s to them in a big rectangle for the base of the shed. Next we built all of the frames for the shed on the ground, then raised them up by pulling on a line attached to the top of the frame from a giant ladder I built. All the frames were temporally braced while I climbed up and set the 2×4 ridge pole into the notches that were cut out in the top of the frames. Then we completed all the permanent bracing. We covered the whole thing in 6mill plastic sheeting which was only intended as a summer cover. For winter we put on a really strong shade cloth (thanks Steve!) then a giant poly tarp over that. So far it’s working great. We put it to the test the other night to see if it would shed snow on it’s own without shaking it off, and it did really well! We will see what the winter brings!



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