Snowed in up Snowden


“So we’ve been meaning to get chains for our truck and haven’t yet. Night before last I said, “tomorrow I’ll go into town. Get laundry done, go grocery shopping, and find chains.” I was one day too late. Never did I think I was going to wake up to snow that next morning…


Garrett still managed, despite numb fingers, to work on shaping up the chine. The chine is fully pieced in and just requires some fine tuning, with an axe.

DSCN5568   DSCN5566DSCN5569DSCN5575DSCN5570DSCN5545DSCN5571

The days are getting even shorter and we aren’t even into the real bit of winter yet. Garrett usually has to call it quits at 4:30pm which is a little frustrating. Our days are filled with discussions about planking. We are juggling 4 different ways to plank. We narrow it down to two then Garrett will think up a fifth possibility. Back down to two then by God we’ve figured it out…. but…. wait… what about??? so goes it.


I want to take the time here not to be cheesy as Garrett would say but to be Thankful. I suppose in the “holiday spirit.” And seeing as Garrett is not next to me to give me shit for it here I go. I am thankful so much for my husband, my mentor, my friend. Garrett works so hard everyday. Even on the days he feels he didn’t accomplish anything. I know how much of the project weighs on his mind at all hours. I understand how much of this burdens him and how heavy it can all become. He gets up early and stays up late reading and researching no matter the weather. I am thankful for the future we can see. Not too far off in the distance, each day bringing us closer. I am thankful for the beach we will be sitting on and the beer that will be in our hands. For the oceans we will live on and the vessel that will carry us over them. A saying rings in my ear, “This too, shall pass.” I am thankful for today!






3 thoughts on “Snowed in up Snowden

  1. Wow! You’re getting there! I see Nature is kind of working against you at this point with the dark and the cold, but I’m sure you can roll with that. Things will just have to go a little slower for a while.

    I just re-read George on planking. Looks pretty challenging, especially for a boat this size, so it’s no wonder you have to think about the best way to go about it. Who knows, once you get started you might have to change your mind again. It’s hard to imagine everything in advance.

    One day at a time! Thanks for the pictures and the write-up. You two are great!


  2. Had I read this before? Like IN 2015?!! It could be 2017; it’s still so relevant. I love the thankful piece. That attitude will make your marriage strong and long because I know he feels the same way. Mom


    1. Yeah, Mom, it was 2015 but thanks for commenting because it made me re-read it. At the end, “this too shall pass,” are words you’ve spoken to me . Still rings true even though it hasn’t yet passed 😉


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