To the chine!

Well there’s good and bad news to report… Bad news we have had some serious delays lately because of my back. Good news i’m back up and hobbling and so close to being done with the topsides! We are all the way down to the chine now, and only have several more pieces to fit. We have all of our lumber bought and planed, and can just keep chippin away. If weather cooperates I see us finishing the topsides this week! Needless to say we’re pretty stoked. It’s really exciting also knowing that the bottom planking should only take a fraction of the time on account of being cross planked.  On top of that just knowing that we are trucking the boat to a yard this fall really keeps us charging! Unfortunately I spaced on taking pictures before coming into town, but will follow up with some soon!



2 thoughts on “To the chine!

  1. Just ran across you on youtube; I have to admitt I binged all 10 episodes this morning. It’s one of the best video journal of building a sailboat I’ve seen. Good luck and fair winds.


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