Westerbeastie takes to the sky!

So as i’ve mentioned before we have many awesome neighbors in this small mountain community. With that being said it’s no surprise that one simple comment of ” yea I don’t know how the hell i’m gonna get that engine in the boat” while taking to a friend that stopped by, brought a massive boom truck to the property. In less than an hour our 630 pound diesel was plucked up and gently set inside the boat as if it were made of styrofoam. People are like that up snowden. Kind, generous, and more often than not they own heavy machinery! Thanks guy’s we would have had a hell of a time with it ourselves!

DSCN7617 So I was envisioning a regular sized truck with a little boom crane on it…. Not so much!

DSCN7648 The engine was like a a pebble to this thing.

DSCN7661 A couple slices with a knife… Sun roof! How quaint…

DSCN7672 Stoked!

DSCN7674 Now back to business.

DSCN7691 and she’s in!! Just blocked in place for now. I’ll make permanent mounts later.

Well another monumental task completed! Only a few odds and ends and we’ll start on bottom planking! We’re getting there!

Thats all for now.

Garrett & Ruth


One thought on “Westerbeastie takes to the sky!

  1. I have to say, I was worried about how you were going to do that right from the beginning.

    So I guess the answer is, trust the universe!


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