Thank You!

Ruth here:

“Thank you Mom and Dad!

My parents threw me an “absentia birthday party,” August 5th, for people to donate to the boat kitty. They got a taco truck and a projector to play our videos for those who attended. My mom, while I was growing up, was never one of those moms that threw extravagant birthday parties or really did anything that could be defined as extravagant in most circles. Really mom, Thank You, I know you put in a lot of effort to do that for me and it really means everything to me. I’ve never missed having a birthday party anyway. I feel rather blessed that it is not a big deal to me. Garrett and I don’t celebrate holidays either, manly this is because we often don’t know when they’re happening for lack of a clock/calendar to tell us. We only celebrate our anniversary and often use our birthdays as an excuse to take a day off guilt-free.

I got a wonderful call that day from the party with the normal birthday chant and some odd yelps I believe came from my brother…

My mom sent me this picture before that day to show me how they converted their dining room into a theater to show our videos! I’m still amazed at the response from those who watch our channel. I love that others find enjoyment in watching them as much as I do creating them! Makes it all worth it.


Above is my Dad watching Episode 9: The Engine. In true Napa Valley format with a glass of wine!

Cheers guys!”




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