We have a hull!

Finally we’ve finished planking the hull! the last couple planks were a little more tricky to fit, but not to bad. They are triangular, and need to be shaped to slide in right where the two rabbets meet. It’s pretty crazy, and kinda funny because it definitely hasn’t set in yet. It’s always interesting with every milestone we accomplish the excitement does’t come till later. I get in a zone to push through, and when it’s finished I don’t feel much excitement until I reset a bit. The winter is getting close, but we have once again been blessed  by the lingering kindness of humanity. This time in the form of a giant kerosene heater for the shed. i’m pretty stoked because once we get the shed closed back up it should be able to heat the whole thing. We will be moving back to the deck and cabin houses now, and hoping the winter isn’t to bad this year.

dscn9666     dscn9665

dscn9667 There it is!



6 thoughts on “We have a hull!

  1. Awesome job guys, I’m excited for you guys, can’t imagine how cool it must look in person.
    Can’t wait till it splashes in the water for the first time, make sure you get some video for us land locked fans

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  2. Not to be a worry wart – but I hope you read up first, if you haven’t already, on how to use that kerosene heater safely. Like keeping the re-fill fuel far away from it, refueling only when it’s cooled down, etc.


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