3 thoughts on “Episode 15!

  1. Just finished watching episode 15 and as always, marvel at how it all fits together and your resourcefulness. I realize this comment comes a little late in the process, but from an “occupational medicine” viewpoint, shouldn’t Garrett be wearing safety goggles? Ruth has her glasses which help shield the sawdust etc but with all the torque being applied to the wood, it seems like blunt trauma to the eye is a concern. This, of course, comes a total landlubber devoid of all carpentry skills but who does care about you two and your dream!

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  2. So glad I stumbled across this blog IM looking forward to seeing her when she’s finished. It’s really good watching the two of you working together, and I’m more than a little jealous 😊 My family routinely refer to Flamingo as daddy’s shipwreck, and very rarely condescend to give me a hand. Consequently in the time it’s taken you to build a hull, I’ve hardly made any impact at all on my project. Perhaps when you’re back on the water and if you ever find yourselves this side of the Atlantic, you can pop in and see Flamingo (www.justflamingo.com) and some of that enthusiasm and speed will rub off on meπŸ˜€. Btw, not sure engine oil is right for the masts, I’m sure I read that fossil oil breaks down the cellulose in wood….. Might be wrong, or you might be using different oil in the truck.
    Can’t wait to see the next instalment.


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