Quarter Life Crisis

Ruth here:

“I often joke about building the boat being Garrett’s quarter life crisis. Buying a brand-new red sports car would have been easier! But no where near as challenging so Garrett couldn’t be bothered with such wants. Garrett turned 25 today so we already have a head start into his issues dealing with the fact he’s a quarter of a century old. Send your birthday love!


Today we work on the Cabins! We just got the plywood we needed to construct the walls yesterday thanks to some kind souls who helped us afford it!

dscn9782  dscn9784 dscn9789  dscn9787


I was driving home late last night and heard this weird noise and realized when I pulled into our driveway I was listening to my music too load and failed to notice I had a flat tire! Blond, yes, I know… I promised Garrett I’d change it and he gave me this look like, “…okay..” He’s shown me how to change I tire in case of an emergency but I’ve never actually changed one out myself. I know you know this is not a big deal or any real accomplishment but I feel proud today because I did it for the first time by myself and can check that off the list of things to do before I die.

dscn9767 dscn9773 dscn9778

My brother drove over from Boise, ID for the weekend so naturally we made food, drank beer, made fires, and sang out of tune!

dscn9730 dscn9739 dscn9737 dscn9740

The second layer of the deck came out nicely! First layer is 3/8 and the second is 1/2 in. Plywood covers so much surface area!!!


dscn9705 dscn9695 dscn9704

Thanks Everyone!




4 thoughts on “Quarter Life Crisis

  1. Just found your YT channel. I’m stoked to follow what y’all are doing. Happy Birthday and all but it’s all down hill from there…except you have a boat you built. Every day of your project is a tremendous accomplishment. I seen that George wrote of some design changes mentioning Garret by name.


  2. Just found your Blog/YT postings. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Keep the spirit, you guys are awesome and dedicated to the project and each other. Nurture your love for each other and the project too.

    Imagine an ice cold beer with your freshly caught fish or Lobster, down in the caribbean…..Skinny dipping and just living the life! IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!

    I recently completed one year on the water (from the keys to Montreal), I want to return asap.


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