Internet, Espresso, and 39 degrees


Ruth here:

“We’ve landed another house-sitting gig! So that means I get to watch the snow melt from the comfort of a warm home with access to internet and their espresso machine. Seeing the thermometer read 39 degrees today makes me feel quite spoiled. I think I’ll take a hot bath later while eating a hot chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven because I can!

But what have I done that’s productive????

I upgraded our blog because of all of you lovely helpers out there. Welcome to:

Our very own domain how “adult” of us

I’m working on making our FaceBook page more useful. I’ve taken all the pictures from the blog of our first year, 2015, and created an album. I hope to do this for every year continuing long into when Rediviva is sailing. “

FB: Salt & Tar 2015 Photos


– to the right of Swab lies a Subaru very much buried under the snow


One thought on “Internet, Espresso, and 39 degrees

  1. Hay kids, I’ve been saving the water tank from Sea bisect for your new boat. It is made of a vary rare aloy! 1010. I will give you the specks next email


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