Ruth here:

“Time for a few bulkheads! The very first step towards the interior. We have two out of a total of 5 1/2 bulkheads in. There will be one to frame in the quarter cabin, a half bulkhead in the galley, and two more up forward (the front walls of the head and pilot berth.) The two that are up are the aft walls of the pilot berth and the inclosed head at midships.

The plan is to panel everything in beautiful Port Orford cedar and Western Red. Using plywood as a base will help move things along quickly and make it strong. God forbid we end up not liking something, again, and have to tear it down and rebuild. Easier to scrap plywood than old growth western red and near extinct Port Orford.

We seem to be running out of space to cut wood… Spring where are you?!?! When we built the shed we didn’t take into account that 3-4 months out of the year we won’t be able to just head outside to make the cuts we need. Currently the table saw (located in the above picture on the righthand side), which would be really helpful right about now, is buried under a few feet of snow. Garrett has to prop up the piece he needs to cut with 2bys from the rest of the stack of ply; seeing as that is the only 10 by 5 foot space that is “mostly” clear.

Trying to get photos while the shed is packed full can be a bit tricky. Your footing can be quite precarious and one hand is on the camera upside down while the other is wrapped around the rafters for protection. With the camera tilted a bit

I can just see, almost smell, the waves licking at her bow!”




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