Ready, Set, Conquer

Ruth here:

“Sun up to sun down I’ve sat in front of my laptop. From coffee to green smoothie to cocktail. I love my new office. Working on the next episode so many ideas ebb and flow. Then, finally, it all comes together. The subject matter was a little ruff to relive and find some way of explaining what happened without sufficient footage. I’ll be uploading the finished product later today when I have stronger wifi. This video, I feel, expresses a lot of ups and downs we’ve gone through. Not only through this build but throughout the last 10 years Garrett and I have been together. Something big is about to unfold. I can’t wait to share it. 2017 will see Rediviva move from the forest to the back sloughs of the San Francisco bay. This year her belly may float! I can feel the wind changing, the sun shining, and with the spring on the horizon we are ready to kick some serious boat-building ass!”



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