Here Comes the Sun

The sound of progress resumes all around us. The birds are out and the bees are notDSCN2250 yet awake. A few buds sprout and the patches of snow that remain are pushed back to the shadows. Those shadows, however, are the perfect place to chill your beers while you work


We’ve been busy with winter damage control. The mice are being evicted from the trailer and all evidence bleached. The level work floor outside the shed (at first our framing table) was completely crushed under the weight of this years snow. The level supports for our spars took a good beating as well. A few tweaked, some punctured the lofting floor straight through, and others shattered.

We’ve still managed to keep gluing up the cabin deck beams.

We’re now onto the large main mast partner beams; which are wider and one lamination thicker. Today is our first full day being back on the property. It feels wonderful to wake up right next to the boat. Just feeling her presence is a comfort. The sun is out in all its glory, heating up the western red cedar as we coat the strips in epoxy. Hoffa and I do the gluing and Garrett clamps the beam up to the mold.

Once the resin cures Garrett then grinds and sands off the excess. They look so sexy when fare. They’ll receive a light reddish stain and oil to really make them pop.

Another exciting development is the little garden Hoffa has started. One of his talents he brings to the crew is his green thumb. He’s equally as enthralled with plants as Garrett is with wood. Anthony’s put together raised beds with scrap plywood and bits we have lying around. The green onions and garlic are already in the ground. Won’t be long now until we’re picking tomatoes and eating peppers! The ground is frosty in the morning but warms up quickly during the day. No wild flowers yet but we’re starting to see new leaves on the wild strawberries everywhere.

On the really nice days we’ll go for walks through the back forest. Hunting for any usable trees (curved branches for knees, skinny teepee poles, firewood) or any turkeys that need to be eaten. It’s so awesome to begin to see dirt, almost forgot what it looked like!


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