Pressing on Strong


Garrett sits atop the bow of his mighty vessel. Breakfast in one hand, coffee in the other, building book resting upon his lap. His persistence is impeccable. It still baffles me how, after 2 long years, Garrett’s determination is continuously ablaze. No matter how much the time frustrates him, no matter how much the weather works against him, no matter how much Rediviva requires of him he remains strong. I am proud.

More times than not (we need to remind ourselves) things go so right. The 7 cabin beams are in and they look incredible! Imagine, the wind is cooking outside but coffee is robustifying down below. You chill and wait on the settee gazing upward, staring at the varnished western red beams above your head still feeling the tie to terra firma and the warmth of the aroma. Oh yeah, it’s gunna be good!


One thought on “Pressing on Strong

  1. Posted a link on cruisers forum for you guys a few days ago, it’s got 330 views already, your boat is looking awesome


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