We may be crazy but we’re still building

The home stretch to finishing the cabin really makes me feel closer to the boat, to Rediviva. It’s near the point where she starts to become a home. On our previous boats the way we ran the ship was Garrett took care of everything above deck and I made sure everything down below was safe and stowed. Garrett’s in charge of the boat as a sailing vessel and I’m in charge of the boat as a home. Seeing the companionway framing is, for me, the first step towards the doorway into life aboard Rediviva. It gives me goosebumps!

The original main mast support block, from the split-cabin layout, was still able to be utilized. Garrett had to make a slight adjustment on the forward face to fit it to the way the beams placed out.


Currently, Garrett is working on the trim for the forward and aft walls of the cabin house. These pieces are a bit wider to create a bigger surface area for the roof. Once installed next is ripping into, finally, the Port Orford Cedar!  Which will be laid before the plywood roof so from the inside you’ll see planking. It’s going to smell amazing and hopefully help deter bugs and mold when we’re traveling through the tropics. This cedar was found on a random Craigslist look-see about a year ago. We scored and got over 800 linear feet for about 87 cents a board foot. We’ve been saving it for just the right use.


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