Moving along and moving on!


Bulwarks planked, rubrail on, and bottom coated. It seems now that every day we work she really looks more and more like a boat! She is ready to be trucked. Everything else can be done at the boatyard, or after we launch. I (Garrett) have decided that I am no longer going to push myself for the remaining time up here. We have a few loose ends to tie up, but as it is now we are leaving in September! We are going to sloooooooow down, catch our breath,  work on getting the property cleaned up, and packing everything. We will work on the boat when we feel like it. We will swim in the river when we feel like it…. The point is I finally see the light at the end of what has been an incredibly challenging undertaking, and I want to gather my strength for the final push. It’s pretty surreal making plans and setting dates with boatyards and trucking companies! It doesn’t feel real… It’s wild to go through everything that needs to be done before we launch in my head over and over, and realize that list is so small!  We plan to keep Rediviva  simple. No complex electrical system, gravity fed water, and basic rugged hardware. The most complex thing left to do before we launch is finish hooking up the motor. Having done it a few times already on previous boats I am not concerned about it. Everything else is just details, and as long as we keep chipping away she will be complete before we know it!



Wish us luck getting everything buttoned up out here! Very big changes are coming!

Garrett & Ruth


8 thoughts on “Moving along and moving on!

  1. Fabulous! Just fabulous. Viva Rediviva!

    Boy, the waterline just makes it so real. I hope you plan frame that top picture in this entry – it just says it all, don’t you think?


  2. I check YouTube every day and still no videos. Glad I finally came here to see some pictures and read about the progress you’ve made.


    1. So sorry Rick!
      I have begun working on the next video again.
      It’s been so crazy planning for the big move it hasn’t left much space in our brains for anything else haha
      Stay tuned it is on its way 🙂



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