The Rudder and Priming the Topsides

It’s perfect. I love doing more intricate painting where as Garrett is happy to get down with a roller and get it over with. Personally, I can’t stand rolling on paint. The feel of the brush, simple in your hand, is oddly satisfying. Learning how to make a straight, clean line without tape (because I also hate taping) using a shitty chip brush makes me feel complete.

I slowly cut in the waterline while Garrett ran around me like a mad man rolling on primer. Hoffa was away on a job so it was back to the basics and just the two of us. Garrett and I have an odd but harmonious work style. It’s about the only time I shut up. Few words are spoken and we each go about our tasks. Somehow we’ve found our opposite, filling in each others blanks.

^Everyday he looks more and more like a “normal” boatbuilder^


Garrett tackled the rudder in, I’m not kidding you, a single day. A breaker has flipped in a very awesome way. Noticing, all of a sudden, the sun is shinning and the the tar in the air smells sweet.

You’ve got the plans. The ruff stock. Shaped. Second layer. BINGO!

Glued together with epoxy and mechanically fastened. Ready for some steel strapping, pintles and gudgeons but we’ll have to find a welder first.


5 thoughts on “The Rudder and Priming the Topsides

  1. Although my boat project is, well, much, much less complex, I’m where you guys are – just finished sanding, priming, painting my hull, topsides and waterline. Garrett is starting to look like Noah btw.


  2. Yeah, I agree. And although I really don’t know how it’s possible, every time I look at Garrett, he looks skinnier! Just came back from a vacation with my son to Quebec, CA and they have a local dish up there that would be perfect for Garrett. It’s called “Poutine” and it’s french fries, drenched in brown gravy with cheese sprinkled on top. Tasted great, but all I saw were calories, calories and more calories. Perfect for Garrett.


  3. Are you guys going to post video of the trucking and boat yard arrival? I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas, lol, I can’t imagine how excited you are, beautiful boat


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