We’re Ready…Weather Permitting

The good news is that it wasn’t us that delayed our transport. We are so ready. The weather on the other hand has some other ideas. Along the Columbia and all over Oregon fires have been raging closing the interstate highway. On the other side of the US hurricanes pelt the coast. Our driver has been held up on the east coast with a delivery and has needed to push us back a week. So new plan! Wednesday the 27th Rediviva will be loaded up and take to the road. We had some friends and neighbors pass through this weekend to say farewell. The bow is packed full of our belongings and tools while we sit pretty for another week. Not the worst thing in the world. We have much to be thankful for. The smoke being our biggest enemy and the main fire still 20 miles away across the river, we are safe.

Smoke and ash so heavy you can look directly at the sun!


3 thoughts on “We’re Ready…Weather Permitting

  1. All the Best thinking good thoughts for your move ,, up here on Vancouver Island we are getting loads of rain hope it is doing the same your way ,,,
    Brian ….


  2. Well…. you know how I feel about this! 😢 I will miss you both so much but am so happy you are about to fulfill your dream! 😁 We look forward to visiting you soon. You both have been such a blessing. We are lucky to have you as forever friends.


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