Cauldron of Ideas

For 2 years we’ve been a 5 hour drive from Port Townsend and the Wooden Boat Festival. This time we didn’t miss it! We only caught the last day but it was worth waking up at 2:45 am to be there when they opened the gates for the day. Not too stoked about the speeding ticket I got ($125!) even looking at wooden boats is expensive. I snapped photos left and right to log the numerous ideas that flowed from vessel to vessel.




Ideas for wooden cleats, chocks, and blocks








Ideas for ventilation







Ideas for crew bunks






Simple ideas for the goose neck

and storing fenders                                               (notice the tires underneath bulwarks)






Ideas for various metal works                             (in our case iron not bronze)


Ideas for hideaway ports, rolling folding tables, and doors on slides. The last picture is a split head/wet locker right by the companion way and the double pained door in on slides. One side can be open or both can be closed off. I’ve been telling Garrett this idea for our pullman berth but with more of a barn style with external slides. Cool to see similar ideas in action.


From a beautiful Hugh Angelman Sea Spirit ideas for galley layout and how a full width mirror in the head truely makes it feel ginormous. Garrett’s always been a fan of green tile for counter tops. I love the knife storage in the galley.

Sea Dream was one Garrett drooled over
Lady Hawk was our FAVORITE. 1934 Dutch built ketch. Restored by the owner in 1977 from a North Sea Fishing vessel with a hold to a cruising liveaboard. Using any material he could find. Old tires, telephone poles and cables, scrap iron and boat parts.

And the one that got away… We were running out of time to see all 300 boats and Silva Bans escaped us. Her crazy transom is an absolute dream and with her retractable bow sprit we really wanted to take a look at this beauty. She’s a one off design built in ’86 and matches Rediviva’s length at 35 feet. We would have loved to see how her interior was completed.


Garrett coveted the work shop on a 81 ft Dutch fishing vessel

While I craved the galley space and garden on a 50 ft troller

DSCN3816 (did you see that spice rack!)



We met so many wonderful people and quite a few boatbuilders. We left Port Townsend with pretty full pockets. Ideas itching to get used. Exactly a week from now Rediviva will be on the road thus marking the end of one chapter and the opening to the next. We got to hear Lin Pardey speak at the festival and she quoted some good advice from Larry. “You don’t build a boat. You build a keelson. Complete a keelson and celebrate. Then you build a stem. Complete it, stand back, and celebrate. You build stages and you celebrate every step or you’ll be crippled by the enormity of the project.” Advice I don’t think we would’ve heard quite the same a year ago hell even months ago. We are listening now and are celebrating where and how Rediviva stands today.



3 thoughts on “Cauldron of Ideas

  1. Your pictures give even us landlubbers stuff to drool over and great ideas. I have to admit, watching news about western forest fires gave me jitters worrying about Rediva and all your hard work going up in flames. I will be relieved in a week knowing she’s getting close to her life in water!


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