Deja Fire

We and the Boat are OK


This morning’s view from our window. A little passed a week ago we were delayed transporting the boat for almost 50,000 acres were ablaze in the hills of Oregon, closing the interstate highway. Last night 10 independent fires began burning all around us. Napa Valley, where we moved the boat for safe keeping, had one of the biggest next to the other monster raging in Santa Rosa a mere 40 miles away. Today the hills smolder across the valley from my parents home.

Tonight we’re on edge knowing 20,000 have already been evacuated and seeing more devastation encroaching 5 miles away.

 I’ll try to keep you informed if anything changes for our situation. Please keep your thoughts positive for those that aren’t so lucky this evening.


4 thoughts on “Deja Fire

  1. You have no idea how much of the time we have you in our thoughts. Thanks for keeping us updated with your spectacular pictures too.


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