Gone with the Boat (Part 2)

Down the road she went

and two days later appeared in Napa on Friday morning



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then the yard brought on the Travel Lift!

The straps were wrapped around her belly and slowly took her 20,000 pounds off the trailer


It wasn’t until the boat was in the slings that Garrett could breathe easy. We’d made it out of the woods. The yard had to break for lunch which gave us time to do the same. Burritos and beer. Listening to the chirp of swallows and the clang of rigging. Welcoming sounds. It’s been 3 years since we’ve lived near water. Rediviva stands tall next to her fellow ships.

We were joined by some familiar faces and some new ones. My mom broke away from work to greet Rediviva at the gate while my dad caught her at an intersection on the way to the boatyard (video will be up for our Patrons)

Our masts behind the crowd

The engine started and carried her to her new resting place. Awaiting a spot in the “Working” yard. We’re guessing we’ll sit in the storage yard for about a month. Until then we’ll kill time and take it easy working only on the masts and rudder outside the yard.

and it gets even better! They were able to squeeze us in right next to our buddy Geoff’s Cape George which he’s stored here while he’s working up in Alaska. We hope to see him next month


The calm and quite started to seep in as the stands were secured, the straps rolled up and the travel lift backed away. 3rd in on the left she can relax knowing she’ll be safe through the season.



Garrett’s brother, Reid, stuck around for the whole day and helped us crack our first few beers on deck under the palm tree landscape.


For those of you who’d like to know where exactly we are:

If you were to get to us from the water you’d cross under the Golden Gate round Angle Island and head north into San Pablo Bay. Turning towards Vallejo you enter the Napa River. A couple hours, after you travel through a draw bridge and under the highway 37 bridge, you’ll arrive at the Napa Marina located at the far south end of Napa Valley.

6 thoughts on “Gone with the Boat (Part 2)

  1. I feel for Garrett. The boat transition from one place to another is always stressful. These days I only have a 16′ 6″ sailing boat that weighs around 1000 lbs and my heart rate still goes up everything I have her in the slings.

    Very well done. Now the hard work starts.


  2. I feel for Garrett. Transitioning a boat from one place to another is always stressful. These days I only have a 16′ 6″ gaff cutter that weighs around 1000 lbs and my heart rate always goes up every time I have her in the slings.

    I’m looking forward to seeing her in the water and sailing.

    Very well done to you both. Now the hard work starts.


  3. It has been so awesome seeing you guys go from pouring concrete for the keel to sitting on deck having a beer in the boat yard. Great job guys


  4. Glad you’re on WP! I recently lost a G+ account and don’t really want to build another one…I lost around 250 videos and maybe 4000 pictures on my drive and YT accounts…great looking boat


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