The Poles Take Shape




With the mizzen mast finished it was time to move onto the main




Garrett trimmed off the top then measured out the 40 feet needed and cut the excess off from the base. As it stands, Rediviva will be gaff rigged on both the main and the mizzen. Both will be keel stepped and the heights for both masts were described in the plans from George Beuhler. These trees have come a long way from the forest (Episode 14) we couldn’t be happier how they’ve seasoned and held up during the 700 mile trip south. Don’t worry the checks on the sides are normal and do not compromise their strength. I like how one sailor put it into perspective: checks are like the wrinkles on my face; character.

Let the manicure begin



Garrett started us off by using the electric planner smoothing down all the tiny knots along the length



I followed behind him with the belt sander to ruffly fare all the planner cuts and grooves.


Garrett then followed behind me to more finely sand with the orbital.

After a short beer and some fresh strawberries we flipped the mast over and moved onto the back side. Once we plane, sand, and repeat the main will be ready to join the mizzen in her first coat of teak oil. We’ll finish both with “boat soup” a special concoction of a few things. Primarily linseed oil/teak oil, pine tar, and varnish typically a lot depends on what’s in the locker. Don’t worry I’ll do a separate soup post when we get there. Every sailer has their special sauce.

All for now!

Cheers 🙂


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