Treasure Hunting


The drive to Minney’s is now less than 8 hours, and when compared to the near 20 it was from White Salmon there’s no way we weren’t going on a road trip! Minney’s Yacht Surplus is a must for any sailor even remotely close to southern California. I have no idea why marine exchange and consignment shops are vanishing. We’ve collected so much history from these little treasure troves. Garrett and I have been hunting in some of the smallest buildings looking for old boat crap. So when we found Minney’s years ago, which is two stories plus a back lot and riddled with sailor’s gold, we almost cried and have returned as frequently as the bank account allows. We’ve scored on anchor gear, sails, miscellaneous micro boat bits, books and maps. This time we were casing the joint. We logged away the possible pieces that could be of use.

Or… are just on the wish list.

Last visit Garrett remembered a whole bucket of Dead Eye’s but this time only two, and one was broken. The lesson may be don’t hesitate but at the time we didn’t have a traditionally rigged boat so, as much as Garrett will beg to differ, there was no need to buy them then. We need about 8, maybe 10, for our rig and at $36 a piece it wasn’t going to work.

I think this goes on the ‘dream list’ because it’s probably way too big for Rediviva but there were so many sexy ship’s wheels waiting to lead us to the horizon.



Garrett took his time combing through every aisle. Our most immediate need is engine parts. He found a few rudder brackets but they were too small. We need the whole exterior engine assembly and rudder fittings before launching. For the engine this means: prop, prop shaft, cutless bearing, and stuffing box. For the rudder, which we can also have fabricated, we need the metal strapping, pintles and gudgeons. We didn’t find any. So anyone who might have a lead on various boat parts send us an email:


But we DID find an awesome anchor windlass! This workhorse will see us through many anchorages. It fully runs on manpower, which we have plenty of, so it’ll never fail. I can’t wait to clean her up and give her some fresh paint.

Maybe not the most practical thing to buy at this very moment but we’re so happy to have it on board. Sometimes it really helps morale to get a functioning piece of cruising equipment. For some reason spending the same amount on a box of fasteners or a dozen gallons of tar doesn’t have the same excitement. There’s a vision that comes with looking at the windlass. It includes chain attached to an anchor rooted in white sand 40 feet beneath Rediviva’s keel through crystal clear waters. Garrett and I standing at the bow with the windlass between our feet gazing upon a place we’ve never seen before. So, in other words buying this windlass now; priceless.



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