Good Time to Take Time


I received this text on Thursday… so we’re taking some more time away from the boat. Although, now we’re thinking we could have waited to launch the boat and she would have just floated off the stands soon enough.

(maybe all the Noah jokes were true??)

We can make better use of our time recuperating and organizing our thoughts. Maybe even a little boat part hunting! A little further south from Garrett’s mom’s place is a wonderful dusty shop called Minney’s Yacht Surplus. We’ve written about them before but it’s been over a year since we’ve dropped in to see what they have. Road Trip!

I’ve tried for years to get Garrett to take time away from the boat. Especially during the winter months. He’s starting to listen 😉

Sometimes there’s no place like home. Soaking up family time instead of being drenched at the boat is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve gotten two videos done and working on the third. Garrett’s replaced flooring in three rooms and the trim, painted, and about to repair the kitchen cabinets. We’ve cooked meals with loved ones and shared memories over wine. Swab’s looking forward to a beach day with the next glimpse of sun. We’ve visited our favorite sandwich shop and sushi joint. Today’s more painting and drinking tea inside a warm, welcoming home!



5 thoughts on “Good Time to Take Time

  1. Evening. Have some interesting information for you guys. has ideas for a home built skiff, oars, hollow gaff and homemade wind vane steering system. He has used the wind vane for 30,000 miles of sailing. Thought this might be up your alley or maybe rigging? Anyway awesome job.


  2. Hi Richard! Thanks for sharing. Garrett wants to build a wind vane further down the road so he’s always looking for ideas from those who’ve done it. 🙂


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