A Man Down, A New Project, A Test, and A Toy

A fallen soldier: our Ridgid orbital finally kicked the bucket. What can we say about Ridgid? For it being a middle of the line tool brand we are impressed. Honestly it’s outlasted some of the top brand tools we’ve had. We’ve asked a lot of this little orbital over the years. The rod inside has sheered off. Garrett’s repaired this trooper a couple times and it’s always come back but I believe it’s time to let this guy rest.

On a bright note progress is good!

Garrett’s got all the templates for the starboard side chainplates made. We’ve made a wonderful friend who’s a welder and he’s going to help us create all kinds of cool stuff for Rediviva. Our first project together will be the chainplates. The plan is, after they’re bent into shape, Garrett will through bolt the top leaving the bottom bolt off so we can adjust the plate once the masts are up to get the angle of the chainplate right. Before we get the masts on board we’ll also be crafting the dead eyes. With access to a machine shop we’ll be able to shape the round pieces of wood (Black Locust) and drill the holes for the line and bend and wrap the steel strapping that hugs the dead eye and attaches to the chainplate on one end and our stay at the other. Garrett says….I can paint the topsides after we get the first bolt of the chainplates secured….I’m so itching to paint!

Now that the spring is transitioning into summer we haven’t had any rain for a few weeks now and it is getting hot! We’ve had to hydrate our main companion way hatch and boy was it thirsty. This was also a neat experiment seeing how quickly the douglas fir, which is the same as our planking, took up the water. It was hardly leaking by the end of the day. The following day the hatch held most of the water all day. I think we might be surprised how quick Rediviva will take up! Although the big boat is a little more dry than the hatch but with the help of the caulking and tar… She’ll be sitting proud nestled in her new salty environment.

Garrett’s brother Reid showed up the other day with a fancy new toy!

Swab didn’t know what to do. I can’t wait to get the photos from Reid’s drone to show you guys! Rediviva looks so amazing from a bird’s eye view. What was really cool was seeing her in row with production boats and I’m telling you she fit right in. Her lines from an arial view is perfect. Cute as a Button they say.


7 thoughts on “A Man Down, A New Project, A Test, and A Toy

  1. Spring is definitely not rushing into summer up here in the PNW. Every couple of days the sun gives up and we are cloudy and wet for a few. But everything is green and beautiful, just they way you must remember it. Thanks for the update.


  2. So sorry to hear about Obi. He has many orbits under his pad. May he find peace and serenity with others of his persuasion.

    Must be getting close to being wet. Chainplates, rudder and propeller?

    All the best Richard


    1. Hey Richard
      Yes we are closer everyday hahaha Chainplates are in the works as is the rudder 😀 The prop is still on the hunting list but can be installed even when we’re in the water with some dive gear. Thank you for your farewell words haha Mr. Ridgid will be happy to hear his days were meaningful haha


  3. My apologies. I thought Obi was a Ryobi sander. Went back and looked and there he was. Ridgid. Well sentiments still apply. Poor little fella.


  4. Drone footage yeh! And somebody else bought the drone too!
    Not sure what your plan is for rigging but if you still have to decided you might think about using Dyenma/spectra line. It would be a sort of old school with a proven modern material and stay away from iron turn buckles the like .SV Zingro did a nice piece on it here. https://youtu.be/o4J4hJoJFHg And he got a lot of information from a young guy Herbie
    on the ‘rigging doctor’ channel.
    A lot of modern race boats are using hitech line for rigging …….so no reason to be completely old school.
    ( just like Jon Wilson founder of wooden boat mag has a Carbon mast on his classic wood boat!)
    I think it could save a lot of $$$ on hardware too.
    Cheers Warren.


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