Sparks Are In The Air

A lot like the boatyard, you drive unexpectedly down this road and make a turn you might’ve passed by and enter a world all its own. A lot unlike the boatyard is the movement! Loud noises, fast pace, and cool cars. This is Rolf’s haven. His shop, nestled right next to the Sonoma Raceway, is littered with metal shavings and any hammer you could ever dream up. The walls tower with race car memorabilia and tokens of finished projects. This is a lot like how I envision Garrett’s mind but with boats of course.

“I’ve got the best view in the world,” Rolf says as he ushers me to the backdoor of his shop. As the door opens my ears are assaulted with screaming engines, downshifting transmissions, and screeching tires. Rolf yells, “If you’re into cars!”


This is the start of a beautiful relationship. Meet the newest crew to the Salt & Tar family. He may be twice our age but he runs around his shop with such excitement and eagerness it leaves us craving his youth. Rolf is helping us figure out and make the fittings for the rudder. He’s also stoked to help with future projects like the chainplates, fuel tanks, rig, anything involving the Westerbeastie, and even filming as he too, like Reid, has a drone!

So Garrett started by drawing up the plan and buying material.

Garrett used the angle grinder and cut the steel flat bar for the rudder and keel strapping. The steel has a nice natural layer of oxidation which doesn’t need to be dealt with until after we’re done cutting, slicing, and welding it.

I’m probably not the best one to be writing this post as much of what Garrett and Rolf discussed just went over my head. I’m still piecing together what we have so far and how it’s going to end up looking like what’s on the drawing Garrett made.



I know the pintels are the rod things…






and the gudgens are the circle toobie thingies…



Sorry guys that’s all I got haha




More to come 😉


2 thoughts on “Sparks Are In The Air

  1. I found you at the bottom of my screen one day and took a look. I binged your videos and had a smile on my face for days. Now that I am back to real time I look forward to your beautiful writing and – soon – a new video!! Thank you also for Acorn to Arabella and Sampson Boat. You are e my trio of boat builders. I made a small Patreon contribution so I hope that helps a little.


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