Thank You Captain Ron

Garrett teaching Caulking 101

What can I say about Captain Ron!?!? He was the first new face we met when Rediviva rolled into town. A fan of wood, a romantic of boats, and a lover of life. Ron has made an incredible donation an offer that I have yet found words for. Garrett and I for years have made boats our life and we’ve gone to great lengths to make that happen. We’ve mainly kept it to ourselves, as a socially awkward boat nerd and a dork do, but this time around with our biggest challenge and project we decided to share it. Garrett has some foresight about such successes but I reserve my doubts, it’s people like Cap’n Ron that restore my faith in our project. There are many struggles in building a boat, in a marriage, in life and one that can stress all is, “How are we going to pay for all this?” Now with yard fees and rent, everything still being swallowed by the boats insatiable appetite, the videos have slowed as they still aren’t producing quite enough cash flow to fund the project so I’ve had to find more consistent work else where. It’s incredible by letting all you people in we’ve been able to keep this project close to its original timeline. 2-5 years and here we are in the middle. Just a week ago we were scratching our heads to figure out how to keep progress moving when sometimes we have to wait on a project so we can make sure we can pay the marina first. Tears started to leak from my face when I saw Ron’s amazing contribution and to top it off a challenge. I didn’t really know how to go about the offer… We’ve never felt comfortable about posting obtrusive money statements but how would anyone know about Ron’s dollar for dollar challenge? So here I am, with teredo worms crawling under my planking, sharing Ron’s message:

Captain Ron says…

I have supported very few endeavors…you guys are the real deal. I would like to offer a challenge to the gofundme community. I know these kids, they are at the Napa Valley Marina right now. They are the most honest hard working couple I have ever known. If you have funds to donate, you could not invest it a more deserving couple. My challenge…for every donation of $1,000.00 or more…I will double it. I am serious here folks…You donate 1K, I donate 2K…how simple could it be. One more thought…it is not the $1,000.00 donation that will get this job done…these are rare. What gets any worthy task accomplished is the $1.00 to $20.00 donation. You who donate in this range…you will be the ones who see this dream accomplished. Let’s make this more fun. When I see your smaller, but more important donation, I will double that also.

Take it as you will but mainly I wanted to thank Ron from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t help but bear hug him yesterday even though he was deep cleaning his engine, or something… and entirely covered in black soot. It’s not everyday I get to thank and hug a supporter in person! I also wish I could squeeze Bob Luce for his unwavering support and Angie, Bryan Johnson, Dave Sincliar, Ryon Speir, George Slaterpryce, Michael Lynch and our 57 other Patreons.
Thank you.

Ron, a dutiful student, caulking the mahogany planking seams on his Grand Banks

9 thoughts on “Thank You Captain Ron

  1. Amazing!!! And I can vouch for Captain Ron about the two of you being amazing and hard-working people. Ruth and carrots in a great deal of time in our home. They even took care of our home, our dog, and our plants while we were out of town. They are lifelong friends! So happy we met you guys at the beginning of this project


  2. That is the thing with you two, like Zanthan says: you bring out the best in people. And the love you put on the table is nothing short of amazing. Ron saw you for what you are; the hardest workers in the room with so much to do in this world. Good on him!

    Big hug from Europe you 2! You are amazing.


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