Latest Episode – #33 Finishing the Cabin Rebuild!

Thanks everyone for watching!


3 thoughts on “Latest Episode – #33 Finishing the Cabin Rebuild!

  1. Boy, that opening overhead view is terrific. Such sweet lines on Rediviva! The new cabin profile is great! I hope it’s everything you hoped it would be.

    Carry on!


    1. Oh that’s a big one….? Right now I want to say stubbornness because if you can keep pushing you can finish. The hardest part I think for most people to reach success is holding on to the dream and not quitting. It’s so much easier to just give up and walk away from something especially when it’s hard. This project has brought Garrett and I to the very bottom but we KNOW that when we launch Rediviva and are eventually sailing it will be the highest high we’ve ever experienced. So we’re are stubbornly holding on to that dream.


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