Chainplates in Progress


Garrett made the templates long ago, while we were still in the middle of the cabin remodel, and ultimately decided to let someone else bend the chainplates into shape. With the advice from Rolf, He and Garrett went to Van Bebber in Petaluma.


Since the steel we are using is pretty beefy it was wise to go to an industrial place that was made to manipulate metal. The added benefit to taking it someplace else to have done was that it freed Garrett up for other projects in the meantime.


We got the call that our order was ready and ran out to grab our chainplates earlier this week!


Garrett was really excited to test fit them against the hull and channels and see just how close Van Bebber was able to get them to the templates he made. The plates were spot on!



They’re not done yet but now we are ready to drill the holes for the fasteners and weld the tube to receive the bolt for the dead eyes. Instead of turnbuckles we are going the traditional route. We still have so much locust (which we used for the bulwark stantions) left to turn out some beautiful proper dead eyes. With Rolf’s help he and Garrett will make the metal wrapping to go around the dead eyes and lock into the chainplates. So first, we will have to customize the chainplate before installing onto the boat…which means I still have to wait to paint the hull…but it won’t be long now! Stay tuned. Things are about to get real sexy






2 thoughts on “Chainplates in Progress

  1. Looking good! How will you finish the chain plates? Galvanize? Powder coat ( cheap and very durable) or tar? I know you want dead eyes but have you thought of galvanized turnbuckles and Dyneema rigging with possibly shrink tube over for chafe? Much easier to maintain I think. Love how the bulwarks are going to hide the high cabin house. Cheers Warren


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