Sheathing Continues


This is one of those projects that isn’t hard it just takes time….and tar

We’ve completed the starboard side. It took about 3 weeks. 60ish planks below the chine and about another 14 long planks from the waterline to the chine.

There was a minor pause to cut more material but to Garrett’s surprise the lumber is going a lot further than he thought. I wish we counted how many 2×10’s it took to do the starboard side but I’m guessing it was between 10 and 12 boards because Garrett was able to get 6 planks out of a single board. He ripped them length wise into 3 inch pieces then in half to get a 3×3/4 plank.


We had a little yard fun trying to guess how many planks it would take to get from the aft stand to the transom. It’s only fitting the captain won…

…or was it rigged

It was 21 planks from that last stand back. We’ll continue onto the port side and complete that then fill the screw holes and plane everything down before having the yard move the stands over. We might even paint a square of bottom paint where they’ll move the stands to so we don’t have to have them move them again.

p.s. Notice the chainplates have they’re first bolts!!! That means color is coming 😀


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