5 thoughts on “New Episode!

  1. I just watched the new episode. Marvelous! I really enjoyed the piece about the 40 year old slick. Having built a couple of log houses in my early years I really appreciate what a wonderful tool it is. And with 5 grandsons, the joy of passing down my tools and techniques to the younger generation is very rewarding. Love you guys.


  2. Garrett, Ruth, and Rediviva Crew,
    Proud work on the stem and stern!
    The best tools have a life of their own and find their way from hand to hand.


  3. I am somewhat concerned about living and sleeping in the close interior of a boat, recently treated with wood preservative, slathered with tar, and recently painted. The combined cocktail of gasses coming off all those products is frightening. I build fiberglass boats and parts am not particularly prissy about fumes, but I don’t sleep or prepare food where I build. I would hate to see you two come to harm.


  4. Hey Salt&Tar, my wordpress feed last night flashed a pic of you guys, and I had a moment of “holy crap, that looks like Napa…” After five hours of watching/reading, I’m hooked!!! Redoing the cabin house convinced me you guys are the real deal. We built a 39′ tri in western red cedar and launched right there two years ago. (2 years later than planned 🙂 NVM team is so great. Our tongue-&-groove’d cedar is cloaked behind modern materials, but the spirit of finishing a wooden boat is a similar story. Please have a look at Ravenswing via cartersboat.com, and if you think we should connect, let me know. We have friends on Milton Rd., extra stuff, tools, etc. gathered over a long time in the north bay. -greg


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