Rain with a Chance of Progress

We really have the perfect spot. The boat floats with the dock up and down with each tide. Even when the winds howl and the rain falls we are safe below deck. The house a short jog up the ramp to make a pot of tea and warm up with a hot shower. Progress continues at a slow space as funds fluctuate and motivation hinges on the weather.

We are both looking eagerly to spring and rejoice in the ruff completion of the “funk.” Our forward bunk has finally taken root in the forepeak.


We are running through our full sheets of plywood and making good headway on the interior. Garrett’s next step is the galley walls and half bulkheads.


It’s pretty exciting seeing bits framed into their proper places. There’s comfort in having decided on the layout and making permanent construction.

 I’ve been dividing my time between the next video and helping Garrett. I feel like I’m more keeping him company than helping which is maybe more important. I understand it’s tough being down below in the cold dark environment alone. I so easily get lost in editing footage up in the house I forget what it’s like onboard in the rain. It’s funny how quickly one adapts from one living situation to the next. I still prefer living on the boat but am sure taking advantage of the endless power and internet to crank out episodes.

 Finishing the top of the funk ran through the rest of the full sheets of plywood. Although a great idea to have put full sheets in the boat before closing the cabin walls in it’s not exactly the best place to cut out the puzzle pieces that make up the interior anymore. Bulkheads and bunks are filling Rediviva’s insides.

If I’m not careful I’ll get trapped inside!

The main mast comes through the deck at the foot of the bed so we’ll cut away some of the funk framing once the rest of the faces are secure. Our feet will end close to the mast and then the last 6 inches or foot will be cubbies or some kind of clothes storage up against the head bulkhead.

February is our goal for moving back onto the boat. One day all of our belongings will have their proper place aboard. Rediviva’s belly will be full of wine stowed for our first passage. Water tanks full and engine ready to purr. Her red hull will fly under the Golden Gate marking her completion. These are the thoughts that keep us pushing.


3 thoughts on “Rain with a Chance of Progress

  1. Great update. Looks like you are making good progress despite the winter rains. I sailed my boat out under the Golden Gate in October and turned left. I’m currently in Mexico planning my next adventure.
    My advice to you at this point it to make sure you have plenty of storage. I have something like 100 opening compartments on a MoonShadow above and below deck and I use them all😀


    1. Dale, congratulations!!! Mexico’s a much better place to “winter out” haha When people ask our sailing plans, even though sailing seems so far out in the future, all we respond is “Head out the gate and turn left.” I love to hear that’s exactly what you did!


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