Answering the Family Call


Garrett’s mom has just purchased a house that needs some TLC and upgrading! Since we are in need of some work and are at a stand still with boat until we can afford more materials (as well as just needing some time away) we were happy to get her call. The front room of the house was bare concrete and who better than Garrett to install new flooring? I’m sure Susan is glad to have a handy DIY son!

img_5355Β The entire first day was spent removing the some 20 pieces of tile that were at the foot of the front door. Popping the tile was the fun part scraping and grinding the mortar however was awful. After sweeping up the debris we had to mask up for two days for the dust didn’t want to settle. Day two was a rockstar day. First, laying down the black plastic moisture protection layer then the gold foam cushioning and noise barrier.

The underlayment was fun to roll out and trim. Garrett and I talked at length about how much easier house projects are than boats. Right angles. It has been awhile since we felt like we had a killer day like this. We started around 9 and didn’t stop till about 7. It’s good to know we can still pull hours like that. The boat has become laborious and demotivating. I think that means we need a break… Nonetheless Garrett and I can’t stop working. We might be crazy people. We have to keep creating and constructing to find meaning but Rediviva is now just a nuisance. It may be in our best interest to pick a new project or at least something to split our time and energy on so we can re-inspire our love for the dream. We are stoked to be down in central California with someone else’s project to occupy these thoughts. Even Swab is excited to take a load off and soak up some sun…although, I don’t know how that’s any different from what he does at home but what do I know?

So shiny! Maybe the floor should remain gold? Certainly makes you feel royal.

Once the two layers of underlayment were secure Garrett took charge installing the laminate floor and I turned my sights on painting. Every room in the house is getting a little painting upgrade. We also ripped out the old carpet in the two bedrooms. Why is destruction so satisfying? Taking a razor blade to the carpet and tearing it from the tack strips was gratifying. Rolling up the old, throwing it out the window, and bringing in the new. I feel like it’s a metaphor for life. Maybe that’s what needs to happen on Rediviva? We need to toss out our old crapy sheets, replace our tired tools, thin our belongings (stuff!) and refresh our minds with a little self-care.


No lights in the house yet so a decent picture of the flooring last night wasn’t possible but it’s amazing how it’s transformed that front room. I can now get in there with fresh paint and make this a home for Garrett’s mom. Today, I’m strapping myself to the computer to work on Episode 43. Honestly, I love seeing the house evolve into a home that I’d rather be there but I can’t wait to share the launch with all of you!!! I’m torn. Feeling motivated and inspired today. So many life lessons to be found in the sometimes oddest of places. We’ll be down here in Garrett’s hometown for at least a week hoping to return to Rediviva a new! Thanks everybody πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Answering the Family Call

  1. Interesting post. I know you guys have been grinding away on the boat for a long time now, but I was a bit taken aback when you said that it has become laborious and demotivating. I’d have thought that finally being at the stage where the interior is being built in would be a fun and exciting time. Of course I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes, and any long and difficult project is bound to have some periods of funk creep in from time to time. Anyway, hopefully getting away for a while and helping out at your mother-in-law’s house has helped to recharge the boat batteries a little bit! Looking forward to watching the launch video. I’ll bet that was a happy day!


    1. Hi Roger!
      It’s very exciting to be at the stage we are it’s just been such a long road to getting here. It’s hard to keep the same momentum. We’re not good and being easy on ourselves so we’ve pushed hard and the fuel tank is about on empty. We are definitely not giving up by any means we just need to think of an alternative way to recharge the “boat batteries” as you said πŸ™‚ The Launch video is getting close to finished and I can’t wait to share it! The day was indescribable. I get all fuzzy watching the footage. Certainly recharges the battery looking back on what we’ve done and remembering the feeling of that day!


  2. I understand completely what you are going through with your boat. I’ve been grinding away for 6 years rebuilding my Ketch.
    Sometimes you need a break . A change in work can help to recharge you. One little trick that works for me is to break the project down into small chunks. It can be very satisfying to actually finish something. Every day I take a tour of al the the little finished projects. It gives me motivation to tackle one mor project πŸ˜€

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    1. Sound advice Dale!
      It’s been an epic journey and we’re not done yet but we do need a little rest and some change in pace haha
      There isn’t a day goes by that we don’t talk about the boat.
      We are brainstorming new ways to stay busy and tackle one project at a time like you said.
      Thanks for following Dale πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Ruth & Garrett,
    How about let’s get you out for a nice daysail to help refuel your boatwork spirits? Come spend a few hours on another wooden boat build that’s now sailing, but still slogging thru the details towards sailing out the Gate soon. We can do some brainstorming about scrappy gathering of still-needed materials. You guys can pick the day in February or March.
    Just want to say I remember a particularly low day a few months before Ravenswing launched; it was a spiritual crisis meltdown of “this ^&*%ing thing is going slower every day and I don’t see how it will ever get sailing!!!” A trip to the Sierras helped a lot.
    You’ll find your spark again, probably very soon.
    Good on you for tackling Mom’s place.


    1. That sounds quite amazing!
      We’re just tired and not moving too fast these days haha but we’re not done yet!
      Just need a little recharge for sure haha
      Thanks Greg
      ps Saw your recent post. That’s crazy, snow on the Novato hills! I guess it’s a good time for us to be down south haha


  4. Just found your videos and blog.. In fact I am following “Building SY Mistress” and he made a nice reference to guys and what you are doing. Just read your last post “The boat has become laborious and demotivating. I think that means we need a break….” Of course this needs no elaboration. I just want to say “The sun always shines behind the dark clouds, dark clouds bring rain and rain makes nature grow…so have patience these clouds will disappear..” Godspeed…


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