9 thoughts on “Ep. 47 World’s Best Engine Access

  1. Wow, how awesome you two are. Keep going. Loved this episode and NEVER STOP promoting yourself!!! Way to go! Cannot wait for the next episode.


  2. World’s best engine access indeed! You’d never find a mass produced small sailboat with an engine that easy to get at. I am curious about the thrust bearing, btw. You showed a quick closeup and it certainly looks beefy, but I couldn’t see what is it about the bearing that gives it the capacity to hold onto its section of prop shaft and prevent it from being able to transfer fore and aft loading from the propeller. I must be missing something. Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks Roger! The next episode will be all about the thrust bearing. It has bearing inside designed to take that kind of load and movement and there are set screws that latch onto the prop shaft. Garrett even went a step further and put grooves on the shaft so that those screws are really set.


  3. Hi Guys, I’m upgrading my chop saw. I currently have a Chicago Electric 12″ double bevel sliding compound miter saw that I will be replacing. If you want it I can bring it to you. I live close by. Let me know if you are interested. I have really enjoyed your journey. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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