Episode 58 – Embracing Yard Life


The yard is keeping us pretty busy so I apologize I haven’t written more. The deck planking is looking really good and I’ll upload some current photos here soon! This episode is the beginning of the deck planking. Starting with the covering boards, trim, and king planks. Garrett’s right this is making Rediviva look super shippy!


5 thoughts on “Episode 58 – Embracing Yard Life

    1. Hey Roger! No cockpit we are sticking with the flush deck. We’ll add in some seating later but have found we really like having the flat space. We tend to stand or sit on coamings anyway. The space under deck is reserved for “Garrett’s Garage” haha tool and wood storage


  1. Looks fantastic, y’all! I can appreciate the agonizing over the deck treatment–I still have no idea how I’ll do mine, but I am also loathe to put plywood and glass on what is otherwise traditional construction. Can’t wait to see the finished product!


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