One thought on “Pulling the Transmission (Ep.187)

  1. Well it had to be. The reality is that a 40 year old engine with low hours probably needed a rebuild before installation in the boat but you didn’t have the chance on account of you had to actually build the boat that the engine would inhabit. But I don’t see you had any alternative to how you’ve done it. It would have been absurd to rebuild a motor for a boat that didn’t exist yet. Anyway it would have extended your time in Washington state probably at least for another winter. If you’re doing effectively a rebuild better to do it in sunny California than further north. Also many of the problems you’ve discovered have only become apparent because the engine was in the boat. The overheating on the night cruise, the transmission problems when put under load may not necessarily have shown up to the same degree during a bench test. Anyway I think your familiarity with the motor will stand you in good stead during your cruising adventures. Looking forward to the next update.


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