4 thoughts on “Salt & Tar: Ep.197

  1. Do not burn yourselves out of over this boat. Decide what it will take to do a complete reseal, order the parts. Find another vessel you can crew on of just take a break and go somewhere as a couple. Enjoy life to the fullest, I know this a hard pill to swallow. Enjoy life in another pursuit for a season, come back and do what you need to continue your dream.


  2. Hey you guys! You are doing an awesome job and I just watched the episode where you found the engine needed to be overhauled again. Im sure its all resolved by now.

    However I am reaching out for a couple reasons.

    First, we have a nice 40′ steel cutter on a mooring ball in Morro Bay that we are considering selling. And after seeing the episode where you visit your brother there, I figured you guys and He may be a good resource to either find a buyer or maybe even some sort of partnership, or a younger teenage kid or some new solution for this boat.

    Second, I am on a 60′ historic wood boat in Channel Islands Harbor, and I know at some point you will be coming down this way. I want to extend an invitation to you, if there is anything I can do to help, if there is anything the Marina can do to help please let me know.



    1. Hi Ken!
      Thank you so much. Here’s our email so we could talk further about the boat you might be wanting to sell: salt.and.tar@gmail.com. We will be hopping down the coast and most likely stopping over in Channel Islands Harbor! It would be great, if nothing else, to share some stories over a beer or something 🙂


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