2 thoughts on “Salt & Tar: Episode 198

  1. Interesting episode. A triumph of perseverance. How come the bolt was missing? I missed the starting music & intro, but thought Rediviva looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing sailing trials.


  2. Hey guys..I am so proud of both of you .
    I am 67 years old, just finished rebuilding an old 1983 endeavour 35..took me close on 5 years..been watching you guys for years..just awesome..you never give up!
    But made me laugh..I too have an old westerbeke..test runs have been a dream..purrs like a kitten..until !!!..lol
    I was out sailing and heard the engine alarm..checked my gauges..no oil pressure..thankfully had 2 gallons of oil on board and limped home..after much head scratching found it to be the bottom end seal..wonderful lol
    Try pulling a motor on your own..I learnt new cuss words :)Anyway managed to get it out onto the saloon floor and fitted the new one.
    All back in running like a charm..until!!..lol..same thing ..out sailing..oil alarm..
    I had put in a remote oil filter , to make changing the oil easier..hose clamp on one of the lines was snapped clean through..An easy fix..but I will never buy those cheap clamps from Home Depot again..they are junk!
    Well, just thought I would share that with you both..it’s but a thing..never lose site of your dream..you will get there
    I leave in October for the islands in the Caribbean..:)
    Best of luck to both of you
    SV summer breeze

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