We have a keel!

Well at least a keelson… But still… It’s pretty rad. We have had some awesome weather and very productive days, and were able to knock out the keelson, keel patterns, buying all the rest of the lumber for the keel, and the half widths (i’ll explain later). We also got to check out the sexy black locust that our friends are milling up for us for frames.

DSCN4586 DSCN4584

I actually really hate epoxy, and have been planing since the beginning to try to stay   as traditional as possible with this build. After weeks of searching we were unable to find a solid timber big enough for our keelson, so we reluctantly ordered 9 gallons of toxic sticky gooey nasty epoxy…..

DSCN4580 This is how I feel about epoxy.

DSCN4568 Ruth is much less bothered by sticky…


3 thoughts on “We have a keel!

  1. I’m at a loss as to why you would bother carvel planking a boat like this. You could easily use plywood and probably be finished by now with much less hassle moving forward. The shape of this hull is comprised of very simple developable surfaces, which is ideally suited for plywood construction.


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