We have started installing the chine! So far we have the first two pieces. Unfortunately we don’t have pictures of everything, but we do have a few from the start of the chine process.

We have spent a lot of time recently either finding internet somewhere to look for lumber, or driving hours to look at said lumber… It’s definitely been difficult finding good quality wood at a decent price, but we’ve had some luck. The doug fir we mentioned on the last post is awesome and should cover the topsides no problem. We keep a sharp eye on craigslist for deals, and we made out pretty good a few days ago. We were fortunate enough to find over 700ft of clear port orford cedar for a sweet deal, so we wasted no time and snatched it up while we still could. This will become our bottom planking.

I have finally gotten back to physically working on the boat though which is a good thing…I think I’m going to try to knock out the chine, and just go strait to planking the topsides. I have realized I work much more efficiently when I can break up the monotony of projects. I have been working on framing and whatnot for what seems like forever, so hanging some planks will be a welcome change. Once that is finished I probably wont mind going back to the stringers, cheeks, and rabbet. It works for me…. But then again i’m kinda scatter brained…

DSCN5497 Skill saw makes quick work of the top cuts.

DSCN5503 Then the pull saw takes 5 minutes to do what the skill saw did in 5 seconds….

DSCN5501 All the notches cut.

DSCN5502 This one kinda sucked…


2 thoughts on “Chine

    1. Haha yea we have been making progress, but a little slower due to the weather… We haven’t been getting into town for internet as much. Winter is setting in, and we had our first snow yesterday! We will definitely be getting back at the blog soon though!



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