Stringer Pictures

DSCN8250 DSCN8249

Stringer #1, bending her into place to dry fit. Starboard side.

                    DSCN8282 DSCN8283

Stringer #1 and 2 installed. #1 (the middle stringer) we thought would be the easiest but we were way off. It set the position for the other two stringers so it had to be perfect and with it being our first attempt at bending a 40ft scarfed piece of wood over our heads it was a learning exercise!


DSCN8292 DSCN8294

Getting #3 into her notches. Completing the Starboard side.


Stringer #4, first one on the Port side and the middle stringer. Didn’t take as long as Starboard but still the middle stringer setting the alignment for the others means more care and finesse are needed.

                            DSCN8308 DSCN8318 DSCN8312         DSCN8376 DSCN8383

#5 out of 6. (Left) Dry fitting. (Right) Notches cut.


Notches for #5 ready for Preservative and Tar

                  DSCN8441 DSCN8442

All 6 stringers installed!


From inside the boat

            DSCN8455 DSCN8457

All that is left now is to install the Cheeks and cut the Rabbet!

Garrett finished installing the Cheeks the other day (pictures to come) and has decided to cut the Rabbet as we go on with bottom planking in order to get planking sooner!

Going back up the hill now where Garrett should be putting the first planks on the bottom!!!!!! We thought this day would never come haha



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