Wow! Bottom Planking

Ruth here:

“The day has come for Rediviva to get her bottom planks on!


Day 1:

2 planks on and the next 5 cut

DSCN8528 DSCN8530 DSCN8537 DSCN8521

Day 2:

Errand run in town and total of 8 planks installed.

Day 3:

11 planks on the Port side done! 5ft and 7/8”, to be exact, area covered.

DSCN8568 DSCN8563 DSCN8566 DSCN8564 DSCN8569           DSCN8570

More days to come with a short break away to drive down to California for two of our best friends who are getting married! Should be able to get out the next video while we are there…

Here shows the Cheeks:

DSCN8543         DSCN8547

I don’t know if we’ve mentioned that once again our tarp on the shed needs replacing… We used the old shredded on the cover the boat as best we could.”



4 thoughts on “Wow! Bottom Planking

  1. How much do each of those tarps cost?? Will this be your third?! Have you kept track of how much you’ve invested in wood alone?!!


    1. We were able to find this new replacement for $135 but the other BIG ones were $165 and we’ve bought a few smaller ones between $30-$60….. yup. Hind sight being 20/20 probably would have purchased some metal sheeting to cover the top but we’re almost through it. The last BIG tarp did last almost a year through snow, crazy wind, and 100 degree sun last summer.
      In wood alone…? We’ve been saving receipts but figured best not to look at them and total it up until we go to document the boat when most of the hard work and expense is done! We have to come up with an estimated value of the boat, for a home-build (with material receipts to verify), for California to know just how much we should be taxed 🙂


    1. Thank you Keith always awesome to hear! The tarp was about a year old and was at the end of its life anyway. We had some serious wind pass through and it finished her off. We ordered a tarp in anticipation of this but of corse shipping messed up and then we NEEDED it since rain was on the horizon and drove to Portland (1.5hr east) to get one in the size required. 40×60 tarps aren’t the easiest to come by where we are haha


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