Back in the Game!

Ruth here:


“We are back at work! Hopefully after a much needed vacation to see family and friends we can get back to work with new motivation and sense of tenacity!

Congratulations to our amazing friends Jon & Carly who have officially tied the knot

DSCN8609 DSCN8637 DSCN8625

We got to go sailing on their boat in the Delta near Sacramento. Drinking Gin and Grapefruit on the water…no words can describe that bliss.


Still in summer with a solid two to three months left of budding flowers and warm weather to knock out bottom planking and make a good dent in getting the deck and cabin tops assembled!

DSCN8813      DSCN8820  DSCN8814

With 11 planks on port it was time to move to the starboard side to even her out!

DSCN8816       DSCN8836      DSCN8840         DSCN8844      DSCN8837

I obviously did not get to the next video while we were in California, I had good intentions on doing so, but I am hard at work now and should have the next video out shortly, showing how we managed to fandangle all 6 stringers in place.





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