We did this old school. We built level “guides” or “slides” at the bow and stern on the waterline points given by our plans. We chose to raise the waterline 5 more inches knowing we are going to be a fully loaded cruising live-aboard.

Reid was still in town so we were able to scribe the waterline in one day! Reid was at one end of the line and I was on the other using weights to keep it taught. We started at the bow where the line touched our first bow point and Garrett marked it. Then we worked our way aft. Moving the bow end of the line further out and the stern end of the line further in marking each spot where the line touched the hull. This was how we were able to mark the curved line evenly.


The boat, how she sits now, is flat on her keel which is not how she’ll float. The bow will be much higher out of the water so her keel will be at more of an angle with the deeper end being at the stern. Her bowsprit will point high into the sky, her sheer exactly how Garrett envisioned!

Once we had enough marks on the hull Garrett used a batten to connect the dots. Carving the waterline into the hull with his pullsaw.

And can you believe it! Our lines on either side of the hull came out even! Port and Starboard actually match. Good team work guys!


7 thoughts on “Waterline

    1. Yeah I am curious about that too. How amazing they got it right on both sides of boat on the same day. It would have taken me forever!


  1. Capt’n Garret, Ruth, and Rediviva Crew,

    I have followed your story since keel pouring. Thank you for sharing your work in such a wonderful way. It brought a happy tear to my eyes to see Rediviva free from her shed and glorious in the PNW summer sun. (Stoked Capt’n!) I wish you continued good boat building weather, safe transit to your next boat building locale, and smooth sailing soon.



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